Objective and strategy

Our investment objective is to provide investors superior and sustainable returns from a diversified portfolio of investments.


With our extensive experience in and knowledge of the Namibian business environment, we have the proven financial deal making abilities, track record and strategic partnerships to ensure healthy deal flow, accurate decision making and effective execution. 


By maintaining a good corporate governance structure that includes a balance of blue-sky thinking, risk management and an active participation in the strategic decision making of portfolio investments, we are able to ensure that our investments deliver according to their potential.


We have a strategy to create long term value by selectively investing in opportunities that:

  • operate in growth sectors;
  • with focus on long term value creation;
  • with competent and focused management;
  • barriers to entry;
  • and uncomplicated business models;


Funds under management



Königstein Capital Property Investment Fund

The Königstein Capital Property Investment Fund (“KCPIF”), with the Government Institutions Pension Fund as principal investor, was established to invest in the development of immovable property and infrastructure projects. Investment focus: 

  • Retail property; 
  • Commercial property; 
  • Industrial property; 
  • Affordable & low cost housing projects; 
  • Infrastructure development. 


Up to date nearly 700 individual property units have been developed and the fund has various new property development transactions in the pipeline. 




Spitz Investments (Pty) Ltd is a closed fund with existing investments in a diverse portfolio of businesses that include healthcare (i.e. the Namibian Oncology Centre), property and biomass investments.




Spitz Capital (Pty) Ltd is the latest established fund. It is a Regulation 29 compliant unlisted investment vehicle, with the Government Institutions Pension Fund as principal investor. 

Investment sector focus: 

  • Agribusiness and agriculture 
  • Health Care 
  • Manufacturing, Industry and Services 
  • General Business 
  • Media, and 
  • Financial Services 



We serve corporate as well as private investors. Our investors include pension funds and high-net-worth individuals..